Minix1: Copying and Use Policies

rev. 15 February 2005

All material on this site not otherwise attributed is copyright ©1994-2005 Albert S. Woodhull (ASW). Permission to copy ASW's material for any purpose is granted, provided that the source is acknowledged and copyright and authorship notices are retained in any copy. Nevertheless, ASW would appreciate being informed in advance of any such use. He may know of additional information or have a newer version in preparation.

Any material on this site that is noted as having been authored by anyone other than Albert S. Woodhull or that bears the copyright of anyone other than Albert S. Woodhull may not be copied without the permission of the original author or copyright owner unless this is explicitly permitted within the document (i.e., ASW may have obtained permission to repost but that permission doesn't automatically transfer to you). Even if permission is given in the document it would be courteous to ask the original writer and and it would be prudent to see whether a newer version exists.

The above also applies to contributed software, both binaries and source files, whether or not individual files carry authorship or copyright notices. In accepting contributed software it is expected that any contributor has ascertained that he or she has the right to allow copying of any part of a package that may have been written by anyone other than the contributor.

Minix software, source code, and documentation supplied as part of the Minix distribution is subject to the Minix license, which was written by lawyers. Minix is open source. The Minix license changed in April 2000, and applies retroactively to all previous Minix distributions, even though they still carry the old, more restrictive license within. See the Minix license-to-use in the file LICENSE. (Translation in normal language: Redistribution allowed. Keep the Copyright notice. Don't hide the Copyright notice. Don't say we endorse what you do with it. Don't blame us if it blows up in your face.)

Permissions to copy granted above apply only to items in the public directories made available as web pages or by anonymous FTP. Copying of any information not intended for public access, by taking advantage of defects in software or subverting file access permissions or otherwise obtaining access not intended by the owner of this system is not permitted.

All material on this site not otherwise attributed is copyright ©1994-2005 Albert S. Woodhull
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