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revised 23 June 2008

N1AW QRP rig  
N1AW's homebrew 80 meter QRP c.w. transceiver and "chrome monster" key.  

[N1AW QSL] I've been a licensed amateur radio operator since 1957, when I was in the 9th grade at Lexington (Massachusetts) High School.

My ham radio history:

In high school I helped to start a radio club, and was the first trustee of the Lexington (MA) High School ARC station, K1JMQ, starting about 1958. I also was trustee of WA1WDU, an amateur radio club station at Hampshire College, (Amherst MA), in the 1970s and '80s.

I've also been active in ham radio from Nicaragua as N1AW/YN1 and as YN1ASW.

Radio clubs:

[ARRL logo] I've been a member of the American Radio Relay League nearly continuously since I was first licensed.

After I had a wonderful time participating in their 2006 Field Day operation I joined the Franklin County Amateur Radio Club. At the time I joined I didn't know that I would end up commuting to work in Greenfield, MA (in Franklin County) less than a year later, but that came to pass, and now I am frequently to be found on the FCARC 2 meter repeater during my morning and afternoon commutes.

I'm also a member of the Mt. Tom Amateur Radio Association and can occasionally be found on the air on the MTARA 2 meter repeater, which is located on Mt. Tom in Holyoke, Massachusetts (146.34/146.94 Mhz).

I use and support the KD1XP repeaters in Amherst (144.630/145.130 Mhz, 447.200/442.200 Mhz) and vicinity.

See also the N1AW pages on the QRZ.com and the QSL.net websites.

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